A Hart – A 60 Year Old Emoji

Born Alma Mae, later called Allie, she loved the nickname Kit. She answered to Mrs. Hart, Big Kit, Mom, and Gram.  A child of The Depression,  Gram learned that necessity was the mother of invention.  The Mothers of Invention were a musical luxury of the future.  Learn, adapt, improve, simplify.  Repeat.   Gram lived by these concepts.ahartsignatureShe replaced her signature  “Alma Hart” as early as 1965.  Although not her legal signature, the symbol became her trademark, her brand.  The lower case ‘a’ surrounded by a heart was her personal stamp of approval.  An emoji before its time. It’s proof of her no nonsense approach to life.  Fussy likes no nonsense.


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Old enough to know better and still young enough to learn.

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